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Eeyore has a birthday

25th Jun 2014


Eeyore has a birthday

Mike J. from Texas posted the following :eeyore

Eeyore’s birthday is remembered every year at an annual festival held here in Austen Park Texas.The event was started in 1963 by some members of the English Faculty of the University of Texas to celebrate Eeyore’s birthday.Originally it was a small scale picnic but has since grown into a modern hippie jamboree with lots of drumming,food and local beer stalls.The emphasis is on raising funds for local charities.It is a great family fun day out.Large scale drum circles are a big feature of the festival.So,don’t come for the peace and quiet!

Apparently,the festival was named after good old depressed Eeyore because if you can remember in one of A.A.Milne’s original stories,Eeyore was complaining that no one ever remembered his birthday, only to discover that his friends were planning a surprise party for him.

Pooh is sure that something is the matter with Eeyore because he is so sad, and Eeyore says that it’s his birthday, and can’t you tell by all the presents strewn around the place?

But of course there aren’t any presents strewn around, or piled up, or even put away neatly in the cupboard, and there’s no cake, or candles, or balloons, or anything! It is Eeyore’s birthday today and everyone has forgotten! Oh, Eeyore.


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