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The rules of playing Poohsticks

30th Apr 2013

The rules of playing Poohsticks

      The first thing you do is select your stick..For the sake of fairness all sticks selected should be roughly the same weight or size Though this is not always possible .The important thing to remember is whose stick is whose.

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  1.  Next  everyone stands upstream and leans over the bridge ( though not too far!)
  2. Choose someone to be a Starter – that’s the person who says ‘ Ready steady go’
  3. All the competitors stand side by side facing upstream and hold out their sticks at arms length….  all  sticks should be at the same height ( no cheating here please!)
  4. When the starter gets to shout  “Go!” … all the competitors drop their sticks. Note: the stick must not be thrown into the water.
  5. Once you have dropped your stick  move across to the other side of the bridge ( downstream)
  6. The first stick to emerge on the other side is declared the winner !
  7. Warning : This game is addictive and is seriously good for your health.Playing Poohsticks.This is an extract from the Pooh stories where Pooh and his friends first play Poohsticks.

    ” I think we should all play Poohsticks ”  So they did. Eeyore,who had never played Poohsticks before,won more times than anybody else; and Roo fell in twice, the first time by accident and the second time on purpose, because he suddenly saw Kanga coming from the forest and he knew that he’d have to go to bed anyhow.So then Rabbit said he’d go with them; and Tigger and Eeyore went off together, because Eeyore wanted to tell Tigger How to Win at Playing Poohsticks,which you do by letting your stick drop in a twitchy sort of way, if you understand what I mean. Tigger and Christopher Robin and Pooh and Piglet were left on the bridge by themselves.

    For a long time they looked at the river beneath them, saying nothing, and the river said nothing too, for it felt very quiet and peaceful on this summer afternoon.


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2 comments on “The rules of playing Poohsticks

  1. Kevin G on said:

    Hi val.I wonder if anyone could help out here.Do you know if it is possible to play Poohsticks on the bridge that was the inspiration for the original game?.I think the name is Posingford Bridge.Is it open to the public?.I would love to have a go playing Poohsticks on this bridge with a few freinds .Kevin G.

  2. Brian on said:

    Hi Kevin..You are correct, Posingford Bridge in Sussex is indeed the original Poohsticks location as that was where A.A.Milne, who lived nearby, played the game with his son Christopher Robin.As far as I know it is open to the public and I’m sure it is a popular spot.If you put the name of the bridge into your search engine, it will spring back with lots of info on the bridge and the surrounding area.Don’t forget to bring your own Poohsticks with you!.. Brian