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The origin of the Teddy Bear

27th Jan 2015

The origin of the Teddy Bear. Teddy bear History The history of the Teddy Bear dates back to 1902.American President Theodore Roosevelt was on a hunting trip in Mississippi but had been unable to shoot a bear. In desperation, on […]

Pooh and friends.

27th Jan 2015

Pooh and friends. The teddy bear on which Winnie-the-Pooh was based may be returning to Britain for a home-coming visit for the first time since 1976. Angela Montefinise, director of media relations at the New York Public Library where the […]

Winnie the Pooh

10th Dec 2014

        This interesting blog was submitted by a lady from New York.   Cook along with  Winnie the Pooh.   Visitors at the New York Public library upon entering Winnie-the-Pooh room are greeted by a life size […]

Eeyore has a birthday

25th Jun 2014

  Eeyore has a birthday Mike J. from Texas posted the following : Eeyore’s birthday is remembered every year at an annual festival held here in Austen Park Texas.The event was started in 1963 by some members of the English […]

Pooh and the digital age

7th May 2014

Pooh and the digital age If you go down to the Hundred Acre Wood today, you’re sure of a big surprise. For its most famous resident, that silly old bear of very little brain, is ambling his way into the 21st […]

More Winnie the Pooh Quotes

21st Jan 2014

   Submitted by Jane Gibbons Winnie the Pooh quotes A.A. Milne was born this week in 1882. In honour of the Winnie-the- Pooh creator’s birthday, these are some of my favourite quotes..I think someone else has contributed some of these […]

nursery ideas

29th Oct 2013

Submitted on 2013/10/29 at 11:32 am I thought these nursery ideas post here might be helpful.. Winnie the Pooh Nursery Decor Theme. There are many themes you can choose when planning a baby’s nursery. Probably one of the most popular […]