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Winnie the Pooh characters

Winnie the Pooh..classic-winnie-the-pooh 33

Winnie the Pooh describes himself as a bear of little brain but we think he is being much too hard on himself. As well as being a lovable bear, he is the inventor of playing Poohsticks and the discoverer of the North pole .Pretty good going for a bear with a head ” full of fluff”. Pooh has a big heart and an even bigger appetite for honey.

He lives in a walnut tree in 100 acre wood with a sign over his door saying ” Mr.Sanders”,although his name is not Sanders,he just lives there..He likes to hum to himself and “think,think,think”, but his freinds happiness is what matters to him most.

Piglet.. Piglet and Pooh together

Although piglet is a very small timid pig he is capable of being very brave.Known for wearing a green striped shirt and munching on haycorns.He has planted a haycorn tree in front of his house and is wating for it to produce something to eat.When piglet gets nervous he twitches his ear and is prone to say “Oh dear!oh dear,oh dearie dearie,dear!”.

Outside his house is a sign which reads “Trespassers W”. Piglet says this was his grandfather’s name and is short for “Trespassers Will” which in turn is short for” Trespassers William”.Other than that he likes blowing bubbles and spends every Tuesday at Christopher Robin’s house.



]With Tigger, think bouncy .In fact think trouncy ,flouncy and pouncy!Tigger is a fun time animal..He likes jumping around the place with his springy tail, sometimes causing havoc all around him .Tigger has fussy eating habits, but is partial to extract of malt.He definitely does not like honey or haycorns.Tigger feels that his greatest asset is ” I’m the only one!” To explain his bounciness it is important to know that his top half is made out of rubber and his bottom half of springs.


eeyore1Poor Eeyore is a gloomy old donkey.He is fond of saying, “thanks for noticin’ me”.Eeyore is quite intelligent though he keeps things to himself.

He has a small pink bow attached to his tail,but his tail unfortunately keeps falling off.It is often left to Christopher Robin to fix it back on again, using a drawing pin..His favourite food is thistles [though definitely not broken ones].Eeyore lives in a part of 100 acre wood which is marked on the story map as : “Eeyore’s Gloomy Place : Rather Boggy and Sad ” His other big concern is that his house just keeps falling down but freinds rally round each time and help him rebuild it.

Although Eeyore is rather depressive character and does not expect too much from life, he can be very compassionate and always appreciates it when his freinds help him out.


The important thing to note about rabbit is that he has a brain and his head is not “full of Fluff” unlike his other animal freinds, with the exception of Owl.

“You and I have brains.The others have fluff” he reminds Owl.Rabbit likes to organize things though they don’t always come off as planned.He is a busy gardener and does not like to be interrupted as he considers it very important work.Rabbit loves making plans and likes to include Pooh and Piglet in them, but if he wants an opinion he asks Owl when there is “thinking to be done”.Two things that Rabbit likes to avoid is being bounced and meeting Pooh at lunchtime.


Owl is the wise old bird in 100 a Acre Wood and also one of the tallest at 28 inches.He is happy to dispense advice even when it is not asked for.Like Rabbit,he has a brain.He is a thoughtful and eloquent speaker and can spell the word tuesday.

Owl lives in the centre of the Wood in a tree called the Wolery [formerly piglet’s house].Wol is an old Sussex name for owl.his favourite food is taking afternoon tea.


Kanga and Roo..


Kanga and her son Roo who lives in his mother’s pouch live in 100 Acre Wood.Kanga is about 30 inches tall and is thought of as one of the fiercest animals in the Wood

Kanga is a kind hearted mother and looks out for the other animals as well.Her favourite food is porridge.Roo is a joey [a young kangaroo] and is about 10 inches tall.He likes playing with tigger but especially loves playing Poohsticks.

His favourite food is milk and he particularly hates extract of malt.


[]heffalump1These animals are considered hostile by the other animals in the Wood..They probably resemble an elephant the most,though they can come in different shapes and sizes.Although they are rarely seen, they have a tendency to steel honey,especially if the honey or hunny belongs to Winnie the Pooh.

Christopher Robin…


He is known as the master of 100 Acre Wood and his best freind is undoubtedly Winnie the Pooh although he is very freindly with all the other animals.

One kind of food appeals to Christopher Robin and that is birthday cake and lots of it.Christopher Robin loves to halp his freinds like nailing Eeyore’s tail back in exactly the right place,rescuing Tigger and Roo from the high trees and finding honey for Pooh.

He lives behind the green door in 100 Acre Wood east and it should be noted that he wears uneven socks.



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