Map of 100 Acre Wood


Map of One Hundred Acre Wood

Map of 100 Acre Wood.Where Winnie the Pooh lives.

When E.H.Shepard first drew the map of the 100 ‘aker’ wood he based the location on Ashdown Forest, the very real countryside around Cotchford Farm the home of the Milnes in East Sussex. Over the years,there has been much written and indeed speculated as to where areas in the fictional map match up with surrounding areas of the farm and woods.To sort the wood from the trees so to speak,requires a bit of imagination,a map of the area and possibly a copy of Christopher Robin’s autobiography ‘The Enchanted Places’..In that book Christopher Robin says quite emphatically that Ashdown Forest and 100 Acre wood are identical.Traveling to the region and exploring for yourself really make the stories come alive.

If you find yourself wandering along the path through Ashdown Forest you can could come across Piglet’s beech tree, or  anga’s and Roo’s house in a sandy part of the forest near Gill’s Lap ,which many readers will recognize as Galleon’s Lap ,which is one of the ‘Enchanted places’ in the Forest.East of Gill’s Lap is the ‘North Pole’ discovered by Pooh.This area is on private land just across a narrow stream.On the local map the area that is known as 500 Acre Wood would be known to you dear Pooh
reader as 100 Acre wood,which is of course where all the characters live.

There is plenty of local helpful information but a good starting point is the Ashford Forest information centre which is one mile east of Wych Cross just off the A22.

The best known landmark is Poohsticks Bridge which on the local map is called Posingford Bridge.Playing the game on the ridge is great fun and should not be missed.

Map of 100 Acre Wood

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