Pooh Prints

Up The Stairs bump bump bump


Up the stairs bump bump bump.

” And what did happen?” asked Christopher Robin.

” When?”

” Next morning.”

“I don’t know.”

” Could you think, and tell me and Pooh sometime?”

” If you wanted it very much.”

” Pooh does,” said Christopher Robin.

He gave a deep sigh,picked his bear up by the leg and walked off to the door, trailing Winnie the Pooh behind him.At the door he turned and said, ” Coming to see me have my bath?”

” I might,” I said

” Was Pooh’s pencil case any better than mine?”

” It was just the same,” I said.

He nodded and went out……and in a moment I  heard Winnie the Pooh -bump,bump,bump going up the stairs behind him.

Up the stairs ,bump,bump,bump..Classic Winnie the Pooh

Print taken from the original by E.H.Shepard.

Image size : 6 x 9 inches

With mount : 10 x 12 inches

Surrounding frame shown just for illustration.