Prints with Quotes

It’s Snowing Still


It’s snowing still

“It’s snowing still” said Eeyore gloomily.

“So it is” And freezing”.

“Is it?”.

“Yes,” said Eeyore.” However,” he said brightening up a little

“We haven’t had an earthquake lately”.

“What’s the matter,Eeyore?”

“Nothing,Christopher Robin.Nothing important.I suppose you have not seen a house or what-not anywhere about?”

“What sort of house”

“Just a house”

“Who lives there?”

“I do.At last I thought I did.But I suppose I don’t. After all,we can’t all have houses”.


Artist : E.H Shepard

Mounted print size : 12 x 10 inches

Print size: 8 inches x 6 inches

Surrounding frame shown is for just for illustration.